The Bobby Moore Fund

1966 Entertainment and the England players are proud supporters of the Bobby Moore Fund for Cancer Research UK and work closely with Stephanie Moore MBE who founded the charity in 1993 to help raise money for research into bowel cancer, the disease which claimed Bobby's life aged just 51.

Bowel cancer is the second highest killing cancer in the UK with 43 losing their lives to the disease every day. Many people do not realise that it is 90% treatable if detected early enough.

In addition to the players donating thier match fees to help fund vital research, the players use their profile to help reach The Bobby Moore Fund's target audience with key health messaging to help save lives.

In 2009, 1966 Entertainment created the 'There is Moore to Know' imagery campaign featuring the players to help raise awareness of bowel cancer and how to reduce the risk of developing the disease. The campaign featured on billboards, bus stops, transport systems and was so successful it was backed by the government to ensure that every doctors surgery in the country featured leaflets and posters of the campaign. It was seen by over 68% of the adult population and is still requested for use by hospitals and health organisations both in the UK and internationally.

Most recently 1966 Entertainment has produced poster campaigns for the charity's 'Make Bobby Proud' campaign that calls on members of the public to take part in various fundraising activities such as 'Football Shirt Friday'.

1966 Entertainment have facilitated multiple player appearances at Cancer Research UK venues, attracting the national press and helping to shine the spotlight on the high quality bowel cancer research and awareness projects made possible by the Bobby Moore Fund.

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